Learning from Others for Others

In 2021, Samara was awarded a prestigious Regional Arts Australia fellowship to embark on a professional development project titled Learning from Others for Others: Deepening Practice and Building Leadership Capacity for Inclusive Arts Experiences in Regional Australia.


Learning from Others for Others is a program of professional development offering research, training, professional exchange, advocacy, and community engagement in inclusive arts. The fellowship builds on Samara’s established practice in inclusive physical theatre performance in South Gippsland. 


Learning from Others for Others promotes professional development for a regional artist and visibility for marginalised people. The fellowship creates opportunity for excellence in accessible arts in regional Victoria and generates connection between individuals and arts organisations in Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales. 


Samara has significant experience creating artistic opportunities for people living with and without disability in South Gippsland, a region in Victoria’s southeast. Since 2014, Samara has been creating new work and developing an artistic profile in South Gippsland. Her current focus is on professional skill development, professional collaboration, and raising awareness for performers with and without disability.


Learning from Others for Others will enable Samara to deepen her professional practice and establish new industry connections. Central to this aim is a professional exchange with three arts companies – Fog Theatre (Melbourne), Second Echo Ensemble (Hobart), and Force Majeure (Sydney). The relationship with these companies prompts a professional exchange of ideas and practice. Fog Theatre, Second Echo Ensemble, and Force Majeure are examples of best practice in contemporary performance. All three create work with and for people from diverse backgrounds. A connection with these companies will enable exemplary professional development opportunities and create awareness of regional companies such as (it’s no) drama and build a wider audience for regional work, beyond South Gippsland.


2020 offered limited opportunities for professional development and in-person exchange. Learning from Others for Others includes significant connection points for face-to-face practice and learning. Learning from Others for Others establishes mentoring with industry counterparts. Fog Theatre, Second Echo Ensemble and Force Majeure will support Samara with practical skills training and mentoring. Ultimately, the mentoring aspect of Learning from Others for Others provides agency to strengthen Samara’s practice and elevates her as an expert in accessible arts in the region. It positions Samara as a leader in the South Gippsland region for accessibility and excellence in the performing arts and supports other individuals and groups in the region to learn too.


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