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Samara is the Creative Director of several community projects in South Gippsland. Samara encourages the people she works with to explore the world around them. Her practice encourages inclusion and diversity. Part of her role as a regional artist is to encourage participants to explore, interpret and perform against a backdrop of the social circumstances we find ourselves in


The ACTION STATION project is an accessible community art project combining community workshops in dance, film projection and original sound design. Action Station was performed as part of the 2022 Fish Creek Tea Cosy Festival.



"Celebrate her"is a project inspired by the global celebration of International Women's Day and aimed at bringing it right back home to South Gippsland to celebrate the women who live and work amongst us in 2022.

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In 2021, Samara was awarded a prestigious Regional Arts Australia fellowship to embark on a professional development project titled Learning from Others for Others: Deepening Practice and Building Leadership Capacity for Inclusive Arts Experiences in Regional Australia.


Samara is the Artistic Director of (it’s no) drama. Founded by Emily Ardley in 2015, (it’s no) drama is a physical theatre ensemble for individuals with and without disabilities living in South Gippsland. 

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Fill the Void is a community project involving the creation and presentation of an original live performance. The project takes an empty hall and fills it with creative ideas, stories and bodies moving in space.


The Knot Project

The Knot Project is a multifaceted creative arts project combining movement, theatre, circus and rope sculpture with students and staff at Wonthaggi Secondary College (Dudley Campus). 

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Fire breather


Fish Creek Carnival

The Fish Creek Carnival is an emerging arts collective created by Dans Maree Sheehan (Creative Producer), Samara Cunningham (Community Engagement Director), Tara Silcock (Co-Artistic Director) and Kate Fryer (Co-Artistic Director). ​

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